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    香港天下彩报码All That Hard Work For Nothing

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    Back in March, http://www.47492.info/47492_com/201503/16.html , my friend who I briefly spoke about who’s father owns a printing company started sending me invite samples. I fell in love with a couple designs that are all very similar, ht

    Back in March,http://www.47492.info/47492_com/201503/16.html, my friend who I briefly spoke about who’s father owns a printing company started sending me invite samples. I fell in love with a couple designs that are all very similar,http://www.111044.net/www_111044_net/201503/293.html,香港天下彩报码, so luckily I have had a pretty good idea about what I wanted from the beginning. The paper products you send to people should be a reflection of not just yourself, but the type of event that you having. So therefore you should care about what your sending your guest. I don’t claim to be the biggest paper wh*re, but I just like uniformity and for a theme to carry out. Make sense?

    Over the summer, we started getting an influx of wedding invites,http://www.k930.net/k930_com/201503/289.html,http://www.47492.info/www_47492_info/201503/15.html, baby shower invites, graduation party invites etc.

    We received a couple of wedding invitations this summer to his address. Now like most soon to be brides or simply girly girl who loves weddings, I love looking at other couples wedding websites, and admiring their invitation suite. On this particular day for the first invite we received, here’s what Mr. W did:

    1,http://www.47492.info/47492_com/201503/14.html,红姐统一图库. Rips the envelope open

    2. Takes the invite out

    3. Reads the invite

    4,六和合彩彩图. Pulls out his phone and tells Siri to set a reminder for the time and day of the wedding

    And then the unthinkable happened

    HE THREW THE INVITATION AWAY! It was like slow motion when he balled it up and tossed it in his garbage can under the sink. I’m laughing at myself because as I type,http://www.64839.net/www_64839_com/201503/287.html,http://www.7084.info/xianggangliuhecaikaijiang/201503/12,http://www.06693.net/06693_net/201503/277.html.html, I can see it happening like on a loop or something.

    Image via Reaction Gifs

    The invitation was nothing special, but the outer envelope had our names and addresses in beautiful calligraphy. That’s what really stood out to me.

    Now did I care about him throwing it away? Not really, but it just brought to light the fact that this will more than likely happen to ours, too. Did I really want to take so much time and have beautiful hand written/calligraphy envelopes with enclosure cards for our reception, accommodations and an RSVP card, so some non wedding conscious person like Mr. W can throw all my hard work in the trash?

    Images via Jupiter and Juno Shop

    I’m officially back to the drawing board with my vision for invitations. I still very much care about the appearance because again it sets the tone,http://www.88829.info/xianggangzuizaokaijiangjieguo/201503/13.html, but we will most definitely be going with the most cost effective route possible!

    Did anyone else change their invite vision that they originally had? For those who have already sent out invites, did you feel like your hard work was a waste?

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